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TIFF 2015 days 10 & 11

Equals Dystopian future where emotions are genetically removed from people after conception. I like this movie more when it was call “Equilibrium”. Actually this film is more like Equilibrium meets Gattaca: A Love Story. There are a lot of good elements to this film: the story, the acting, the passion. However the deliberateness of the … Continue reading

TIFF 2015 Days 7 – 9

Southbound Five tales of terror as travelers drive down an evil highway. This anthology film worked surprising well due to the transitions that linked the stories together. I especially liked “The Accident”. 8/10     SPL2: A Time for Consequences Tony Jaa and Wu Jing kung fu fight an organ trafficking ring. Good story (albeit … Continue reading

TIFF 2015 Days 5 & 6

Collective Invention Man becomes fish.  Achieves celebrity.  Because he’s a fish.  This little offbeat film manages to hit a lot of notes quite successfully: humorous, melancholy, poignant, man’s inhumanity against man, media manipulation of opinion, exploitation, and more.  There are a few cultural references that I didn’t quite understand, but overall a charming and quirky … Continue reading

TIFF 2014 Days 1-3

Tokyo Tribe Japanese gansta rap film about the warring gangs of Tokyo.  A couple of girls get trapped in the territory of a brutal and ruthless warlord and the one good gang tries to get them out.  Girls, chop socky, and Japanese hip hop, what’s not to like?  Plenty actually.  The novelty factor is high, … Continue reading

On the limits of free speech

The Canadian Supreme Court’s ruling against William Whatcott has reignited free speech debate.  That it is controversial at all comes from an oversimplification of the nature of the right of free expression. To summarize, Bill Whatcott is a prominent anti-gay and anti-abortion protester in Canada.  Though Canada has the freedom of expression enshrined in its … Continue reading

How to cure yourself of H. Pylori

It started as indigestion.  Then it became indigestion, gas, and bloating every single day for the next month, regardless of what I ate.  Fatty and oily foods were worse than other foods and could result in diarrhea.  Antacids and anti-gas pills did not work.  The only time I felt kind of normal was when I … Continue reading

Maserati / Bvlgari / Bandieras event

Some photos for your viewing pleasure.  The photo of that last car isn’t a Maserati, it’s a McClaren that I spotted on the street after the event.

Comparison of Canadian and US federal tax rates for 2011

This is a 2011 update for my original comparison of 2010 rates.  Read that for a detailed comparison of the tax codes.  In addition to a simple update of rates, every year I plan to go in depth on a specific topic in an attempt to get a fairer comparison.  This year, it’s the elephant … Continue reading

On joint pain and multivitamins

I am a 47 year old male, and here is my story of back and joint pain. For most of my life I was a regular exerciser and also regularly took multivitamins. It began in my mid 20’s, when I got a nasty flu. Along with it came severe back pain, so much that for … Continue reading

Comparison of US and Canadian Tax Rates for 2010

No attempt was made to compare state/provincial tax rates. No deductions are factored in. Unemployment insurance contributions are not factored in. Only the “single” tax rate is calculated on US taxes.  Married filing jointly, married filing separately, and head of household categories are omitted. Currency parity is assumed, which is reasonable. Wage parity is also … Continue reading