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Sunset at Casa Loma

I live about 2 km away from Casa Loma, and from my vantage point of my 10th floor apartment the sun sets behind the castle twice a year.  I spent months looking out my window at sunset time to figure out when it would do this.  Once I got the first date (Aug 15), it … Continue reading

How to replace the shutter on a Canon 400D XTi

I had my old XTi in the 9th month of a very long time lapse when it started giving me mysterious Error 99 messages. After hunting around the internet, it became apparent that it is a catch all error when something goes wrong with very little detail. It tends to happen with bad lens connections, … Continue reading

Partial eclipse, May 20, 2012, Toronto

I’ll be the first to admit that the eclipse was a bit disappointing. Four days of crystal clear skies, then when it’s time for the eclipse, a cloud rolls in just as it’s getting interesting. So the best photo that I got was this. Seconds later, the sun ducks behind that cloud at bottom. I … Continue reading

Binging on camera accessories

I’m a person who spends money when it counts, but I’m also a cheap bastard when it doesn’t count.  So after getting my new Canon 60D and several new lenses (Zeiss ZE 35 mm f/1.4, Zeiss ZE 50 mm f/1.4, and Sigma 10mm f/2.8 fisheye), I went on a camera accessory binge. Camera Clip My … Continue reading


Discovered this interesting Japanese restaurant whilst milling about waiting for the free Aretha concert to start The food was quite delicious, but the service was a bit lacking.  We needed to flag down wait staff each time we wanted to proceed to the next phase of the meal or to refill drinks. They were fast … Continue reading


Lume shots

Took these shots out my window last night. Cranked up the exposure and ISO, to widen the depth of field I set the f-stop to the highest number I could (f22) without going over a 30 second exposure (because that is the maximum exposure time on the D400). I tried both 17-85mm f/4 (at 85 … Continue reading

O Tannenbaum

Took a few photos of my Xmas tree before I have to take it down…

Merry Xmas everybuddy!

J spent 2 hours decorating this gingerbread haus…

Short end of the lens

Check out the barrel distortion and vignetting at the short end of this lens (EF-S 17-85 mm IS USM). Taken while on the Rotman cruise on the lake.