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How to upgrade the hard drive in your Fibe TV PVR

This blog post applies to the Bell Fibe TV PVR box VIP1216.  However, the VIP1232 is similar enough that the same procedure will likely work.  Any luck with this procedure on the VIP2262?  Say so in the comments. I’ve been an early subscriber to Bell’s IPTV service; so early that it was under the Bell … Continue reading

How to replace the shutter on a Canon 400D XTi

I had my old XTi in the 9th month of a very long time lapse when it started giving me mysterious Error 99 messages. After hunting around the internet, it became apparent that it is a catch all error when something goes wrong with very little detail. It tends to happen with bad lens connections, … Continue reading

Death by 1000 paper cuts

About 6 years ago, I was in the market for an all-in-one photo printer. It needed to print, scan, copy, fax, and print on photo paper. After reading many reviews, I chose the HP Photosmart 6150 (this is the Costco version of the 6100).   HP makes great calculators and logic analyzers, so I was … Continue reading

I will never buy another Apple product again (or how I was a PC, then a Mac, then back to a PC)

How I became a Mac For most of my life I have been a PC guy.  Then along came Vista.  My wife was in the market for a laptop, and on the PC side all I could find were Vista systems.  I had been working with the Vista beta for about a year and half … Continue reading

3 Reasons why I am not getting an iPad (yet)

I recently had an opportunity to play with a friend’s iPad, which I think is really really neat, but upon further examination decided that it is not quite right for me. The things I really liked about it: The form factor.  Thin and light, not much to complain about. The battery life.  10 hours on … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Final Cut Pro

I am not anti-Apple and in fact own both a Mac and a PC, and like them both.  My opinion of Final Cut Pro has been shaped since I got my tapeless AVCHD camera.  Before then I was editor agnostic.  Having come from a video background, its non-sensical way of handling things, and hours and … Continue reading

How to set up a router-router configuration (or how to convert your wifi router into a wireless access point)

I’ve always had spotty wifi reception in my living room because my router had to go through concrete floors from the den.  I had an extra wifi router kicking around, and for a while I had considered converting it into a repeater with DD-WRT.  However, the complexity of the procedure, the possibility of bricking the … Continue reading

Review: Bell IPTV (FibeTV) vs. Rogers Cable

I’ve had the Bell IPTV service (otherwise known as FibeTV) hooked up for a couple of months now after switching from Rogers, and I’m ready to do a direct comparison.  This is the Bell IPTV service (TV over internet), and not their satellite service.  Bell has been selectively wiring certain condos with fibre to deliver … Continue reading

Join my zombie army

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Up, up, and away!

Escape velocity achieved. Goodbye day job!