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TIFF 2015 days 10 & 11

Equals Dystopian future where emotions are genetically removed from people after conception. I like this movie more when it was call “Equilibrium”. Actually this film is more like Equilibrium meets Gattaca: A Love Story. There are a lot of good elements to this film: the story, the acting, the passion. However the deliberateness of the … Continue reading

TIFF 2015 Days 7 – 9

Southbound Five tales of terror as travelers drive down an evil highway. This anthology film worked surprising well due to the transitions that linked the stories together. I especially liked “The Accident”. 8/10     SPL2: A Time for Consequences Tony Jaa and Wu Jing kung fu fight an organ trafficking ring. Good story (albeit … Continue reading

TIFF 2015 Days 5 & 6

Collective Invention Man becomes fish.  Achieves celebrity.  Because he’s a fish.  This little offbeat film manages to hit a lot of notes quite successfully: humorous, melancholy, poignant, man’s inhumanity against man, media manipulation of opinion, exploitation, and more.  There are a few cultural references that I didn’t quite understand, but overall a charming and quirky … Continue reading

TIFF 2015 Days 3 & 4

February Slow burn horror film about two girls at a boarding school left during break because their parents failed to pick them up.  Simple story, yet this film leaves you guessing what it’s all about.  Keep an eye on director Oz Perkins, I think there more good stuff to come in the future.  7/10. Hardcore … Continue reading

TIFF 2015 Days 1 & 2

Green Room Punk band at a white supremacist bar accidentally sees something in the green room that they weren’t supposed to see. I enjoyed this film, but I was left wondering what Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin were doing in a small indie horror film like this.  I love Patrick Stewart, and he makes better … Continue reading

How to upgrade the hard drive in your Fibe TV PVR

This blog post applies to the Bell Fibe TV PVR box VIP1216.  However, the VIP1232 is similar enough that the same procedure will likely work.  Any luck with this procedure on the VIP2262?  Say so in the comments. I’ve been an early subscriber to Bell’s IPTV service; so early that it was under the Bell … Continue reading

TIFF 2014 Days 10 & 11

Spring Before Sunrise done as a creature feature.  Unfortunately, it is more like Before Sunrise than a monster movie.  Blah, blah, blah, just stop talking already and kill someone.  5/10   The Guest A stranger ingratiates himself into the lives of a family and soon becomes their house guest.  As the family’s fortunes begin to … Continue reading

TIFF 2014 Days 8 and 9

The Cobbler A simple cobbler discovers a magical sole (soul?) stitching machine that lets him walk in another man’s shoes.  At first he uses it with humorous effect, but eventually decides to use its powers for good.  Normally I’m not a huge Adam Sandler fan, but I’m warming up to him; he is maturing as … Continue reading

TIFF 2014 Days 6 & 7

Rosewater Journalist Maziar Bahari is imprisoned and tortured in Iran.  The regular viewers of The Daily Show will already be familiar with this story and its outcome.  Rather than focus on the plot, the film chooses to focus on the absurdity of the situation and the character of the man.  Extremely well polished film for … Continue reading

TIFF 2014 Day 5

Cake A woman in a chronic pain support group is haunted by a woman from the same group who had committed suicide.  I`ve always been a fan of Jennifer Aniston, but I`ve always been disappointed with her choices of film, since romcoms are my least favourite genre.  So I was glad that she chose something a … Continue reading