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TIFF 2015 Days 7 – 9


Five tales of terror as travelers drive down an evil highway. This anthology film worked surprising well due to the transitions that linked the stories together. I especially liked “The Accident”. 8/10


SPL2: A Time for Consequences

Tony Jaa and Wu Jing kung fu fight an organ trafficking ring. Good story (albeit a bit melodramatic), and amazing fight choreography. But perhaps they could think of a better movie title? 8.5/10

Line swag. I love line swag. Even though this film didn't actually have ninjas in it.

Line swag. I love line swag. Even though this film didn’t actually have ninjas in it.



Evil trick-or-treaters stalk a teenage girl alone at home. The film had a decent start, but quickly devolved into one fevered dream sequence after another. You could get away with this once or twice for the cheap thrills, but ultimately you have to spend some time on the plot, otherwise you’ve made a movie where nothing happens. There was also a perfect opportunity to explain the mythology, but the character was killed before he could do so. Horror films are all about the mythology, if you miss that, then you’ve missed the point. And for some odd reason the camera was pointed to the ceiling or the sky in almost every shot. Not scary, maybe a little creepy, if you’re looking for a good rural thriller try Pumpkinhead or Jeepers Creepers instead. 4/10


Yakuza Apocalypse

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

After a popular Yakuza boss is killed, his right hand man must set things right. Then an apocalypse comes heralded by a kung fu frog. And vampires. WTF? I’m not sure I understood the last half of the movie, but it was a lot of fun. I liked the slow devolution of what seemed like a serious movie into a crazy fun fest where you don’t really know what’s going to happen next. 7.5/10



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