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TIFF 2015 Days 5 & 6

Collective Invention

Man becomes fish.  Achieves celebrity.  Because he’s a fish.  This little offbeat film manages to hit a lot of notes quite successfully: humorous, melancholy, poignant, man’s inhumanity against man, media manipulation of opinion, exploitation, and more.  There are a few cultural references that I didn’t quite understand, but overall a charming and quirky little film that will give you a lot to think about.  9/10

Sidebar: This world premiere screening was like being at a Bieber concert.  There were throngs of screaming Korean girls because apparently Cheon-hee Lee is a big Korean TV star.  Whatever.  It was a zoo.  It also had the lamest Q&A I’ve seen for any film because apparently Korean girls ask lame questions and Korean actors give lame answers.  Lame.

Below is an image of the Magritte painting that inspired this film.  Reverse mermen are much less apealling than the regular kind…


The Girl in the Photographs

Standard slasher flick about serial killer(s) who leave photographs of his victims to be found by the object of his affection.  If you like watching Kal Penn acting like an asshole, then you’ll probably like this film, otherwise not.  He successfully steals every scene he is in, and doesn’t leave much oxygen for the other actors.  The biggest failing of this film is that I felt there needed to be more backstory and character motivation.  6/10.


Claudia Lee and Kal Penn

Claudia Lee and Kal Penn



Action/comedy cop film about corporate corruption.  Some of the stunt work is good, but the story is uninspired and the characters are one dimensional.  The world doesn’t need another “Rush Hour”.


The Mind’s Eye

No budget Scanners-esque film about telekinetic people fighting each other.  Terrible script, terrible dialog, terrible acting, terrible editing.  In order for something like this to work, you need more camp, of which there was none.  3/10.




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