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TIFF 2015 Days 1 & 2

Green Room

Punk band at a white supremacist bar accidentally sees something in the green room that they weren’t supposed to see.

I enjoyed this film, but I was left wondering what Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin were doing in a small indie horror film like this.  I love Patrick Stewart, and he makes better every film that he is in, including this one, but I felt that he phoned in his performance for this one.

Tension level was high, and I liked the level of realism (no supernatural elements, no implausible feats of heroism nor villainy).  Lot’s of blood and gore.  7/10

Sir Patrick Stewart, thespian

Sir Patrick Stewart, thespian


Dybbuk haunts a Polish wedding.

Overall good execution, but some script oversights ruined it for me.  Whenever you tell a ghost story, you make a social contract with the audience.  You must reveal who the ghost is, how they died, what the ghost wants, and how to get rid of them.  Only one of those questions was answered, leaving lots of dangling issues and general dissatisfaction.

Most of all I enjoyed the transformation of the actors through the story, but too much metaphor and symbolism, and not enough plot.  One thing I learned about Poles is that they like to drink.  Like excessively way too much.  5/10


A group of Turkish cops find themselves responding to an emergency call in Turkish hell.  Meat horror, mutilation, and mock bestiality ensue.  This is one of those excessive shock value films that has little else to offer.  The gore fest just goes on an on so much that it becomes tedious.  If you like Rob Zombie films, you’ll probably like this, otherwise probably not.  Decent ending though, albeit a little predictable.  3/10.



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