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TIFF 2014 Days 8 and 9

The Cobbler

A simple cobbler discovers a magical sole (soul?) stitching machine that lets him walk in another man’s shoes.  At first he uses it with humorous effect, but eventually decides to use its powers for good.  Normally I’m not a huge Adam Sandler fan, but I’m warming up to him; he is maturing as an actor and comedian.  Highly original concept, but the plot lines are somewhat predictable.  I wouldn’t call this a comedy, but doesn’t have enough dramatic elements to call it a dramedy either.  How about light comedy?  The best words I can find to describe this film: easily digestible.  6/10

Director Thomas McCarthy and Ellen Barkin

Director Thomas McCarthy and Ellen Barkin

Method Man and Adam Sandler

Method Man and Adam Sandler


The Editor

Gruesome murders are happening on a film set where the victims fingers are cut off.  As it so happens, the editor lost his fingers in an editing accident years before.  Brought to you by Astron-6 (the same guys who brought us Manborg), this film was created in the style of 1980’s gialli.  A giallo, otherwise known as a spaghetti thriller, is an Italian murder mystery with elements of horror and eroticism.  The result is a romp into hilarity with a cheesy plot, cheesy acting, and cheesy dialog.  Turn the camp meter up to 11.  Lots of nonsensical plot elements and character motivations, but it all works in the end and adds to the humour.  It’s like the script had been mistranslated several times.  It’s easy to make a bad film, it’s hard to make a bad film well, and these guys have done it very very well.  If you like campy films, you can’t miss this one.  9/10.

Matthew Kennedy, Adam Brooks, and Conor Sweeny

Matthew Kennedy, Adam Brooks, and Conor Sweeny


What We Do In The Shadows

Mockumentary on the daily life of vampire flatmates preceding an undead festival known as The Unholy Masquerade.  There’s Viago the dandy, Deacon the asshole, Vladislav formerly a brutal tyrant until his humiliating defeat by The Beast, and Petyr the ancient one.  You know that this film will reach new heights of absurdity when they start arguing who’s turn it is to do the dishes.  I’m normally not a fan of the mockumentary format, but this one is absolutely hilarious, watch the trailer for a taste.  8/10

Co-director Jemaine Clement

Co-director Jemaine Clement



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