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TIFF 2014 Day 4

Mavericks with Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari discuss Bahari’s experiences in Iran and the making of the film Rosewater.

Some notable quotes by Jon Stewart:

“Once you have the ring, you don’t want to go back to being a hobbit again” — referring to John Oliver guest hosting while away for 3 months directing the film.

“Once you give me dogma as truth, you can go fuck yourself”

Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari

Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari


Dirty cop does bad things with or to bad people.  As the plot moves along, his world starts to unravel and both the bad guys and good guys are out for blood.  Despite having the promise of these edgy elements, parts of the film were quite mundane.  There were way too many shots or the protagonist walking through poorly lit corridors being followed by a shaky-cam.  Remove all of that and you would be left with a much tighter film.  There were only 2 kinds of camera shots used, handheld and shooting from a moving vehicle (probably hand held too).  The shaky-cam can be forgiven in many scenes because there is heightened tension, but it is relentlessly used for almost every shot.  I also didn’t much like the score; there was a lot of tension building and never any release, not even at the height of an action scene, and not at the end.  Great casting and acting, but a rework of the edit could make this a much better film.  5/10

Director Gerard Johnson

Director Gerard Johnson


It Follows

Sexually transmitted hauntings.   Umm, yah.  Genuinely creepy film with a minimum of gore and violence, and a really good score.  Light on the explanations, heavy on the rules.  I liked the slow and deliberate camera movements and it really elevated the tension levels.  But the editor needs to properly use motion trackers in After FX; some TV screens and the ebook screen were floating around.  Not a good date movie.  Great effort from rookie filmmakers on a limited budget.  7/10

Director David Robert Mitchell and Maika Monroe

Director David Robert Mitchell and Maika Monroe



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