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TIFF 2013 Day 9

Hot cars at RTH

Hot cars at RTH

Spiderman in attendance at Midnight Madness

Spiderman in attendance at Midnight Madness


WARNING: Spoiler!

It would be impossible to disclose the premise of this film without saying how the film begins, so here goes.  Wife is angry with infidelity of husband, so in a fit of rage she tries to cut off his penis.  When she fails, she cuts off their teenage son’s penis.  To prevent them from re-attaching it, she eats it.  That’s just the first 10 minutes of the film, after that it gets really shocking.  The remainder of this film are about the repercussions of this incident.  For those of you who have seen “Crash” (the Cronenberg version about sex in car accidents), the kinky sex in this film is more messed up.  However, no attached penises are actually shown

Did I mention that this entire film has been done without a word of dialogue?  The entire story is told with only actions and images.  Highly original, very disturbing (many shocked gasps from the audience), and absolutely riveting.  My biggest criticism is that the cinematography was some of the worst I’ve seen for any film.  The entire film was shot hand held, most often with long lenses so it was really really shaky.  And worst of all, it was rendered with Final Cut Pro, so there are really really bad aliasing artifacts in practically every shot.  9/10

Why Don’t You Play in Hell (Jigoku de naze warui)

Amateur filmmakers who call themselves the Fuck Bombers, get embroiled in a Yakuza turf war.  Despite being high energy and fast paced, they tend to linger on a topic too long and could benefit from a tighter edit.  7/10

Video greeting from director Shion Sono

Video greeting from director Shion Sono



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