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TIFF 2013 Day 3

Cannibal (Caníbal)

Love story between a serial killer and the twin sister of one of his victims.  The filmmakers’ attempt to portray the life of a cannibal as mundane, combined with the sparsity of dialogue, though bold, conspire to make a profoundly boring film when those techniques don’t work.  The beginning was interesting as well as the end, and the killings were quite tense, but there were long stretches in the middle where I was struggling for consciousness.  There was also a part in the film that is supposed to be the inflection point for the characters, but if it’s entirely internalized, then it fails to be believable to the viewer.  5/10

Director Manuel Martin Cuenca

Director Manuel Martin Cuenca

Antonio de la Torre and Maria Alfonsa Rosso

Antonio de la Torre and Maria Alfonsa Rosso

The Fake (Saibi)

Town that is soon to be flooded by a dam, is visited by a con man and a pastor who are determined to swindle the town folk for everything they’ve got.  Not only was I bored by this film, I absolutely hated it.  Though I tend to like depressing films, I hate depressing films that have zero levity and hope, such as this one.  The plot didn’t go anywhere, the main character is detestable, the only sympathetic character is brutalized and commits suicide, all the characters make idiotic choices.  The pacing was slow, the animation was uninspired.  I am struggling to find anything good to say about, and all I could think of is that the plot is at least coherent.  3/10

The Green Inferno

Eli Roth returns to the director’s chair in this story of a group of eco-activists who travel to the Amazon to save an isolated tribe from a developer who wants to bulldoze the forest.  Roth demonstrates his maturity as a director by masterfully maintaining an intense level of tension.  Actually filming this movie on location in the Amazon and using real tribespeople give it an air of hyper-reality.  Great pacing, I was engaged all the way through, and a great ending.  Very very graphic, this is not one of those films where the camera turns away when something horrific is about to happen, you will see the money shot.  If you are a fan of the horror or cannibal genres, then this film is for you, stay away if you are the slightest bit squeamish.  8/10

Special presenter Bobcat Gold telling the audience to turn off their cell phones

Special presenter Bobcat Gold telling the audience to turn off their cell phones

Director Eli Roth

Director Eli Roth




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