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TIFF 2012 Day 11

Suicide Shop

Musical 3D animated film about a store that sells implements to help kill yourself. It is a respectable family run shop, until into the family is born a son who is overly cheerful. Interesting premise, but lame story, lame characters, and lame music. There were a few laughs, but only a few (if you are French perhaps you would find it funnier). The animation and 3D were good (it was presented in Real 3D, and not the atrocious Dolby 3D). The subject matter is too mature for kids, the story is too lame for adults. 4/10

Silver Linings Playbook

A bipolar man, recently released from the psychiatric ward, tries to piece his life back together while the people around him are stepping on eggshells. I really enjoyed the quirky performances of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, but ultimately this is just another romcom. And somewhere along the way, the writers decided that this was going to be a football movie, and then they changed their minds and it became a dance movie. Pander much? I can be entertained by this genre of film, and I can enjoy it, but I could never respect it because romcoms are always utterly predictable and contrived. And if you really put two bipolar people into the same room, you would not get a good result. Totally did not deserve the TIFF viewer’s choice. 7/10

Closing Comments

There were a lot of changes in the festival this year, some good and some bad. Here are the things I liked and didn’t like.

  • Like the new online ticket selection process.  I now only have to line up at the box office once (to pick up the tickets), instead of 3 times (pick up selection package, drop off selection package, pick up tickets).  The online system also seems to crash less and the virtual waiting rooms seem to work more of the time.
  • Like the interactive schedule at the TIFF website.  Movie selection is much faster now.
  • Unlike that you still can’t purchase premium seats with 2 flex vouchers.
  • Unlike that corporate seats are no longer limited to just RTH.  Now about 10 rows of the best seats in the house are always blocked off in almost every movie.  Jockeying for a good seat now requires lining up even early.  And if you got a TIFF membership, your advantage has now been nullified.
  • Unlike the Dolby 3D system installed at Ryerson.  It is absolute crap.  Take it away and replace it with Real 3D.  Or just take it away.
  • Like the free Lindt chocolates all over town.
  • Like that you can now vote for viewer’s choice online and without filling out a ballot.
  • Unlike that you can’t vote for how much you like the movie, only an aye or nay.  That’s probably how an undeserving romcom won the vote this year.
  • Unlike that the festival is moving more and more to King St.  Bring back the Varsity!
  • Like the $30 off promotion at Guess stores for each used TIFF ticket.  Actually, I couldn’t care less, but the s/o must have saved $1000 there.


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