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TIFF 2012 Day 6

Red Threat is patrolling the streets again, ready to quash the forces of evil

Tai Chi 0

Mutant Kung Fu superhero discovers that his superpower is slowly killing him, so he seeks out a remote village that practices a different kind of martial art that won’t kill him. Turns out they refuse to teach strangers, no exceptions, even when foreign powers threaten to raze the village with their steampunk Death Star so they can build a railway through it. This is the first of a trilogy of films which mixes many different styles: chop sockey, anime, video games, steampunk, and perhaps more. (The second film is to be called “Tai Chi Hero”, from zero to hero, get it?). This film is nothing like you’ve seen before, albeit its sense of humour is reminiscent of a Steven Chow film. The characters are a bit 2 dimensional, but it is fun from beginning to end. 8/10

Director Stephen Fung


A woman is humiliated by her conniving, two-faced boss who is bent on control and domination. This is a remake of the film “Crime d’Amour”, and although I have not seen the original, this version is masterfully told. You think that you’ve figured out how it’s going to end, and then DePalma pulls another trick or two out of his hat. I always loved the way DePalma moves the camera and he doesn’t disappoint. Rachel McAdams is deliciously evil. 9/10

Director Brian DePalma

Rachel McAdams

Aftershock (2012)

A group of tourists in Chile are caught up in a major earthquake. Not only do they have to cope with the effects of the natural disaster, but also convicted felons who have escaped the local penitentiary which had been destroyed. I have to admit that I was not very excited to see a disaster film where the type of disaster had been done in so many other movies. What I failed to realize was that this wasn’t a disaster film at all, it’s constructed more like a slasher flick, with masterful control of tension and pacing. Great makeup and special effects, you can only tell it’s a low budget film by lack of big wides. Not for the squeamish. Great ending. However, not as good as it’s namesake film “Aftershock (2010)”. 8/10

Director Nicolas Lopez

Eli Roth

Is it cold in here?

Andrea Osvart

Lorenza Izzo

Ariel Levy



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