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TIFF 2012 Day 5


In a celebrity crazed world, groupies, fanboys, and stalkers can achieve a closeness with their person of desire by injecting a disease that their celebrity has had, into themselves (they go even farther than that, but I don’t want to give anything away). This film explores the tawdry underbelly of the disease black market. Extremely original premise, conventional plot, and creepy execution. Caleb Landry Jones is far better in this film (where he’s supposed to be creepy) than in Byzantium (where he’s supposed to be the love interest but just winds up being creepy). Pacing was a bit slow, but delivers in the end. Production design was like the entire thing was shot inside an Apple store, minimalist and all white (producers get your lawyers ready, Apple has patented the colour white). Good first effort by Brandon Cronenberg. 6/10

Director Brandon Cronenberg

Caleb Landry Jones

Sarah Gadon

And here’s dear old dad watching from the audience

David Cronenberg

Lords of Salem

Salem witches have cursed the female descendants of their witch hunter (but why wait 300 years to do it? and why only female descendents?) with heavy metal music. Unfortunately there’s only premise and mood, and no plot. It kept on seeming like it was building to something, but ultimately not much really happened, with the occasional provocative image inserted within. I may as well be watching a French love story. And the end of the film is just a bunch of album cover images. Shot on Epic, but post processed to make it look like 16mm (add noise, reduce resolution, reduce dynamic range). Why even bother shooting it on a nice camera, why not just shoot it on your camera phone? The Q&A turned out to be far more entertaining than the movie. 3/10

Director Rob Zombie

Sheri Moon Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips

And here are some groupies in the audience



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