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TIFF 2012 Day 4

Hey look, it’s Greg Kinnear

Thermae Romae

A bath architect from ancient Rome finds a portal through time to modern day Japan. He “borrows” ideas from Japanese bath houses and influences the course of Roman history. Adapted from a manga comic book, this clash-of-cultures comedy is laugh out loud hilarious. Hiroshi Abe in the lead role does not look Japanese at all, and there are plenty of other Japanese actors in white face who are not as convincing, but it does not detract from the film. The director was a no show for any Q&A. 8/10


Vampire sisters living on the fringes of society are evading the authorities. They couldn’t be more different from each other, Clara is conniving seductress and Eleanor is an introverted schoolgirl. Could they really be sisters? As their origin story unfolds, their world begins to unravel. Neil Jordan describes this as a companion piece to “Interview with a Vampire”, but it only really shares stylistic similarities, there is no relation at all between the two stories. There is lots of tinkering with vampire mythology, so purists beware. Though the mythology is original, the story itself brings nothing new to the table, though it is beautifully told. Saoirse Ronan is always enchanting on the screen, and in this film is no exception. 7/10

Director Neil Jordan

Soairse Ronan

Gemma Arterton

Caleb Landry Jones


A motley crew known as the Hellbound Saints are no ordinary band of exorcists, they are the church’s last line of defense in the war against hell. Though they are men and women of the cloth, they are also sinners and blasphemers, all destined to go to hell. Swearing, toking, drinking, adultery, thievery, sodomy, no sin is too low for them to stoop down for. The idea is that if a demon possesses them during an exorcism, they can kill themselves and send the demon back to hell. Think “Boondock Saints” meets “Ghostbusters”. This is camp at its finest. Clancy Brown is always fun to watch on screen (to do: count the number of times he says cocksucker in the movie). I just wish this film had a bigger budget so they could do bigger things and have a bigger finale. Dolby 3D is crap, there is significant chromatic fringing in the glasses everywhere except the center of the lens. It’s so bad that you can see the imperfections of the lens with the naked eye in a darkened theater. Run away from any theater that uses Dolby 3D, go to a cinema that uses polarized light 3D or even 2D is preferable. 8/10

Director J. T. Petty

Clancy Brown

Dan Fogler



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