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TIFF 2011 Day 10

Ex-cop turned vigilante gets shot in the head and then can only see the world upside down. Non-linear story, and I had trouble determining which time period they were showing. Slow pacing, the film couldn’t decide whether it was about revenge or redemption, and that whole upside down vision thing was largely unexploited. 4/10

Producer and former TIFF programmer Raymond Phathanavirangoon

Kill List
A pair of soldiers of fortune are hired to kill all the people on a list, but things don’t seem right when the victims seem too cooperative. Done in a raw and visceral verite style, the flinch factor is high and the fun factor is low. A slow start and actors with thick accents who don’t enunciate make it tedious to watch, but it does pick up towards the end. Shot on RED but shown on a 35mm print, it looked like ass; Ryerson has a digital projector, so one can only wonder why. 4/10

Director Ben Wheatley



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