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TIFF 2011 Day 8

Violet and Daisy
Bittersweet story of a pair of teenage hit girls at work. All goes well until they violate the cardinal rule of assassins: don’t talk to the job. Strong story, strong acting, great execution; director Geoffrey Fletcher is at the top of his game, and is both humble and gracious to boot. He manages to hit both the high notes and low notes in this tome; the extremes of immaturity and wisdom, kindness and cruelty, laughter and sadness, are often within the same refrain. This film isn’t Oscar bait like Precious was, but it has a lot of heart and its a far more entertaining ride. 9/10

Director Geoffrey Fletcher

Alexis Bledel, James Gandolfini, and Saoirse Ronan

The Day
Post-apocalyptic story of a group of rag tag survivors who make a final stand against a marauding horde. Familiar plot with some non-traditional story elements and decent execution. Special mention to Ashley Bell, who kicked ass. I had not realized that this film was a Western until the end. 7/10

Cory Hardrict, Dominic Monaghan, producer Guy Danella, Ashley Bell, director Doug Aarniokoski, Michael Eklund, writer Luke Passmore, and Shawn Ashmore



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