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TIFF 2011 Day 6

Visa screening room again tonight, which means chocolate for dinner

The Lindt crew giving away chocolate in line

Filling the truffles

Hi Ruby!

A debt collector is diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and must use his skills to find a matching donor within the next 10 days. Really strong script and acting performances. Jung-Jae Young as the deadpan bad ass collector is both hilarious and poignantly sentimental in his role. Good pacing and kept me engaged throughout. Unbeknownst to me, the two actors are the Branjelina of South Korea, and there were throngs of groupies at the screening, including a few who rushed the stage to touch them. Throngs of fans at the stage door too, which made for a difficult exit. 8/10

Do-yeon Jeon, director Huh Jong-ho, and Jung Jae-Young

Sleepless Night (Nuit Blanche)
Dirty cop has to return the dope he stole from a mobster to get his son back. Decent story and it’s always fun to watch Tomer Sisley on screen. Plenty of action throughout, but it seemed a bit repetitive. I strongly disliked the cinematographic style, which had lots of long lens hand-held shakey-cam and made me nauseous. It had lots of hard light and an extremely contrasty look, to the point where every scene looked either under exposed or over exposed and usually both (just like old SD camcorders). And even though it was shot entirely on the 5D, they added a generous amount of grain and lowered the resolution to make it look like film, so it had the worst of all worlds. They may as well have shot it on handy cams. Surprising since the cinematographer is Tom Stern, who is Oscar nominated. 6/10

Director Frederic Jardin and Tomer Sisley



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