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TIFF 2011 Day 5

First screen at the Elgin during prime time, which means Lindt chocolate. This year they were giving away freshly made milk chocolate truffles. Yay, chocolate!

Life Without Principle
Intertwined stories of a Hong Kong banker and a loan shark during the time of the Greek debt crisis. Look to the title of the film for the common theme. Not your typical Johnnie To film as there is very little violence compared to his previous films. The more I ruminate about this film, the more I like it as many comparisons are made of those two worlds, and it is made clear that the bigger crooks are the bankers. The best scene in the film is when the major characters have made their bets on the direction of the stock market, which then proceeds to fluctuate up and down. 7/10

Director Johnnie To

The Incident
Short order cooks are trapped in an asylum for the criminally insane when the power goes out and the inmates riot. Great build up of tension and humanizing the characters. The plot was a bit derivative, but the execution was very well done. 7/10

The audience beachball has morphed...

Director Alexandre Courtes



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