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TIFF 2011 Day 4

First a few walking around pictures

Third rate horror novelist finds inspiration in a small town’s local ghost story. The first half of the film was engaging, but began to lose me in the second half as the dreams got more disjoint. Probably because the entire story is based on an interrupted dream of Francis Ford Coppola. Val Kilmer shows us his improv chops in one particular scene, and he really is quite funny. There were 3 distinct cinematographic styles in the film: reality/flat, dream/desaturated with single colour passthrough, and climax/3D (the 3D was passable, but not great; too much divergence and too much bokeh). This really gave some interesting moods and tones to the film. Ultimately the whole story kinda falls apart in the last act. 5/10

Director Francis Ford Coppola

Val Kilmer and Francis Ford Coppola

In the awkward moments after waking up after a drunken one night stand, a couple looks out the window to find the city deserted and a giant alien craft hovering over it in this science fiction romantic comedy. Quirky characters, moments of hilarity, and ludicrous situations make for a fun ride. I have some criticism for the script, it could have been tweaked a bit more before going to picture; I found that I needed more convincing for some character motivations. Director Nacho Vigalondo is quite a funny guy in person as well. 7/10

Director Nacho Vigalondo

Three people search for hidden treasure in a creepy house. Genuinely creepy, but violates one of the most important rules of scary movies. You must establish a set of rules and stick to them; this film sets no rules and in the second half all sorts of random things happen with no explanation, to the point where continuity is blatantly violated. Establishing mood: great. Why did that happen: I don’t know. Cinematography was mostly ok, except many low light scenes were way too noisy. 5/10



One thought on “TIFF 2011 Day 4

  1. I might give LIVIDE more than a 5, but I’m not really a rating kind of person. I agree about the violation of the “rules,” for sure. Here’s my review: http://popshifter.com/2011-09-13/livide-a-film-by-julien-maury-and-alexandre-bustillo/

    Posted by Less Lee Moore | September 13, 2011, 3:02 pm

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