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TIFF 2011 Day 3

First a few walking around pictures.

The Ides of March
The 2008 Democratic primary race mixed with some high profile political scandals and a thin veneer of fiction. Ok, so the story is a composite as well as some of the characters, but that makes for good movie making. Political backstabbing at its finest supported by a stellar cast. If you weren’t a cynic before seeing this movie, you will be afterwards. No cast or crew showed up for this screening. 8/10.

You’re Next
Uninspired chills and thrills stalker film. Derivative and predictable plot. Not very good camera work with way too much handheld, lots of focus errors, and overuse of long lenses (it shrunk the distance between people who were not supposed to be close to each other). I did like the lead actress Sharni Vinson, and the build up of anticipation of the trap at the end. Move along now, nothing to see here. 4/10.

Director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett

Rob Moran, Margaret Laney, Barbara Crampton, Wendy Glenn, and Sharni Vinson



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