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TIFF 2011 Day 2

Funny story, I got onto the computer this morning and saw an urgent plea for help on the Iron Sky facebook page. Apparently the producer was having DVD burning problems and needed some technical assistance in Toronto. So I replied. He didn’t wind up needing my help after all, but he did invite me out for drinks later. The Finnish consulate had arranged a gathering of all the Finnish producers in town to mingle. Here are some pictures of the event.

Producer Tero Kaukomaa with the trailer for Iron Sky playing in the background

The Hunter
Small town in Tasmania is wracked with conflict between loggers and environmentalists (referred to as greenies), when a stranger arrives in town hunting for an impossible prey. Very pretty movie of a land infrequently shown in film. Sophisticated story with complex issues and strong actors. The one to watch is Morgana Davies as Sass, who completely steals the movie. 7/10

Director Daniel Nettheim, producer Vincent Sheehan, screenwriter Alice Addison, Sam Neill, and Willem Dafoe

God Bless America
Hilarious and violent Bonnie and Clyde send up of all that is wrong with American culture. This movie sheds all inhibitions about the topic and does all the things we are not allowed to in polite company. A little bit reminiscent of Kick-Ass, but funnier and with a strong message and great monologues delivered by Joel Murray. This movie is all kinds of awesome and all Americans should see it. And Bobcat Goldthwait had me in stitches in the Q&A session (of which there was one American in the audience who seemed offended). 9/10

Hey is that Joseph Fiennes in the audience?

Not your ordinary beach ball tossing tonight

Director Bobcat Goldthwait

Joel Murray and in the bottom left corner pretty boy DOP Bradley Stonesifer

Tara Lynne Barr



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