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TIFF 2010 Day 11

Walked by a bike race over at Queen’s Park on my way to my first film of the day

Six years ago, a NASA probe on a mission to find life crash lands in northern Mexico on re-entry. The life forms that spring from this event are quarantined in an infected zone, which American and Mexican militaries still struggle to contain. Now a photojournalist must escort a woman through the infected zone to the other side. Even though monsters serve as the premise of this film, it may as well have been any other war torn region of the world. This is really an adventure/love story at it heart. Great special effects and locations, but not much of a plot. I found myself more interested in the premise than the love story, and many things were left unexplained. 7/10

Writer/director/cinematographer/SFX Gareth Edwards

The King’s Speech (winner of the people’s choice award)
Based on the true story of a man who would become king and his speech therapist. Great story at an important nexus of history, but this film is really defined by its characters and superb performances, especially Geoffrey Rush. 9/10

Score: A Hockey Musical
A very Canadian, and very happy go lucky film about a newly discovered hockey phenom who is a pacifist and refuses to fight. Fun movie, but ultimately the songs were mediocre and there weren’t any runaway hits that you would still be humming after the movie was over. I loved watching Stephen McHattie and Allie MacDonald on screen, and I wish they had more screen time. 6/10

Allie MacDonald, Chris Ratz, and Dru Viergever



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