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TIFF 2010 Day 9

An unassuming piano teacher comes home and is attacked and bound by five people in ski masks. These are not thieves, so who are they and why are they doing this? Strong first feature by writer/director Michael Henry as he shows himself to be a master of the reveal. Well rounded film with good story, good control of tension, good performances, good ending. 8/10

Writer/director Michael Henry

A conventional couple of 20 years find themselves individually having an affair… with the same man. Well executed, but this film is not for me. Very simple plot, this film is mostly about character development with the theme of expanding ones horizons. Good performances, but I did not like the look of Sophie Rois (she did not match her partners). There was also an abundance of German poetry and technobabble which did not translate well into English. It’s akin to listening to Vogon poetry, but without the rhythm. 6/10

Director Tom Tykwer and producer Stefan Arndt

Stake Land
Post apocalyptic buddy road film, like “Zombieland” or “The Road”, except with [zombie-like] vampires. Good story, good control of tension, good ending, and was fearless about killing off its characters. 7/10

Colin Geddes and director Jim Mickle

Michael Cerveris, writer/actor Nick Damici, and director Jim Mickle

Producer Larry Fessenden and Michael Cerveris

Danielle Harris, Sean Nelson, and Conner Paolo



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