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TIFF 2010 Day 7

The Debt
In 1965, three young Mossad agents are secreted into East Berlin to capture and return for trial a Nazi war criminal. In 1997, they try to find closure from past regrets. Stellar cast and interesting story. 8/10

Director John Madden

I Saw the Devil (unrated)
A secret agent seeks revenge against a serial killer for the brutal murder of his fiancée. He is unsatisfied with simple retribution so exacts his revenge by a thousand cuts. Oustanding performance by Min-sik Choi (Old Boy). Whereas a film such as “Kill Bill” is a simple story told in an elaborate way, this was a simple story told in a simple way, and relied on brutality and gore to keep the audience’s attention. One thing that really bothered me was they would often go to the next room, and it would obviously be shot in a different location and had a completely different look and completely destroyed the illusion. 4/10

Translator and director Ji-Woon Kim

Red Nights
Various unsavoury characters are after a mysterious box owned by the first emperor, violence and fetishistic slow torture ensue. The opening scene was captivating and showed me something I had never seen before, but slowly lost me after that. Lots of slow scenes and dead air in between the interesting bits, they never explained why the contents of the box was so valuable and why everyone wanted it even after explaining what it was, any chinese opera is too much chinese opera, and people were shaking off bullet wounds a little too easily. I liked the Carrie character, but not the actress who played her. Also this film is a good example of how NOT to structure a workflow, it was shot on RED and looked like they printed to 35mm, then brought it back to a 4K digital intermediate, then back to 35mm, then back to digital again to show on Ryerson’s digital projector. It was blurrier than if they had sourced it on 35mm to begin with. 3/10

An otherworldly ghost is about to grab Colin Geddes. He is flanked by writer/directors Julien Carbon and Laurent Courtiaud

Carrie Ng



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