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TIFF 2010 Day 6

The Housemaid
A wealthy man’s indiscretion with the housemaid leads to foreseen consequences. Except for the end which nobody understood and everyone asked the director what it meant in the Q&A. Pacing was very slow, but the actresses were easy on the eyes so it was somewhat bearable. 2/10

TIFF programming director Cameron Bailey and director Sang-soo Im

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
Prequel to the sensational internet short films, a new Xmas mythology is woven. Somewhere in the remote mountains of Lapland, a group of geologists find something buried deep underground… and it’s alive. Terrific cinematography and score, great story, and I’d really love to give this film perfect marks, but I would still like to see Santa Claus battle Godzilla in the end. Don’t miss this one. Official website 9.5/10

Hey, a Father Christmas was sitting in our row!

TIFF programming director Steve Gravestock and Director Jalmari Helander

From the minds of Leigh Wannell and James Wan (Saw) comes Poltergeist for the modern generation. Seriously creepy, they bring back the scare in scary movies, and without any gore or cheap thrills. Great cinematography, story, and score. I’d like to see more background story on the bad guys if a sequel every gets made. 8/10


It's actually writer Leigh Wannell

Colin Geddes, Leigh Wannell, and James Wan

Leigh Wannell, James Wan, Patrick Wilson, Ty Simpkins, Philip Friedman, Joseph Bishara



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