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TIFF 2010 Day 5

I’m back at the Elgin for “Another Year”, and looking forward to chocolate.

Here are the Lindt girls

Hey, there's Ruby. Lindt girl last year, Visa girl this year

Back in the Elgin. Hey, there's Yakov

Another Year
A year in the life of Tom and Gerri, a happy and balanced couple whose circle of friends all seem to have dysfunctional relationships. Outstanding performances, especially Jim Broadbent, and terrific characters… but ultimately this is a slice of life movie, and I really detest slice of life movies. They have no plot cohesion and no endings, and this film is no exception. The director and actors were in attendance, but oddly enough there was no Q&A. 5/10.

Director Mike Leigh, producer, producer, Jim Broadbent, Lesley Manville, Ruth Sheen

John Carpenter’s The Ward
Five girls are confined to a psychiatric institution and… it’s haunted! Ooooh, scary. Mostly standard fare scare fest, but with a pretty good ending (it would have been better had I not seen a similar ending in a different film). I’m glad that he’s finally chosen a younger, fresher cast, and didn’t score the film himself. The old ways were good back in the day, but Carpenter has needed to move on for a long long time and it’s great that he’s finally been able to do it; he’s got a better film for it. Carpenter was not able to attend the screening in person ;^( due to jury duty, but he did send a video message for the audience. 6/10

Mika Boorem

Laura Leigh

Danielle Panabaker

Amber Heard

Mika Boorem, Laura Leigh, Danielle Panabaker, Lyndsy Fonseca, Amber Heard

Jared Harris, Dan Anderson, and Mika Boorem

John Carpenter delivering his video message

Laura Leigh posing with a fan

Mika Boorem and Dan Anderson

Jared Harris



One thought on “TIFF 2010 Day 5

  1. i love those eyes of amber heard, they are very beautiful and she got a very sexy body too “”;

    Posted by Daron Derkas | November 22, 2010, 4:10 am

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