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TIFF 2010 Day 3

Eventful walk down Yonge today on my way to the Winter Garden. First about a thousand skateboarders passed by us on the street, dodging between the cars. And after they passed us, we saw a Jesus parade, complete with Roman soldiers whipping Christ and cheerleaders for God.

Just some of the thousand skateboarders

Jesus parade

Who is this clown?

Whipping boy

Cheerleaders for God

Waiting for Superman
Documentary on the failing American public education system. An exploration of the causes, the effects, and how to fix the problem, as well as several case studies of families trying to avoid schools referred to as drop out factories. Both insightful and emotional. I think it could have gone farther by naming names of politicians who actively and consistently vote against real education reform. If you are an American parent you must see this film. If you are not living within the American system, then use this as a cautionary tale. 9/10

Director Davis Guggenheim

Educator Geoffrey Canada, director Davis Guggenheim, producer Lesley Chilcott, Bill Gates, and singer John Legend

The families profiled in the film

Chop sockey film of two loners teaming up to kill the head gangster. Unoriginal story, uninspired fight choreography, bland dialog, and fortune cookie wisdom. It failed to connect with me in so many ways. The only stand out performance was Kevin McKidd as the Astair-esque Killer #2. The origami visual styling was very interesting, especially the animated version. The live action version that was supposed to match the animation fell a bit flat and looked a lot like Dick Tracy (1990). 4/10

Hey, there's Ron Perlman

Hey, there's Gackt and Kevin McKidd; who the heck is Gackt?

Ron Perlman, Director Guy Moshe, Gackt, Woody Harrelson, Josh Hartnett, and Kevin McKidd

Is Woody on something?; didn't even recognize Josh when he walked on stage

A moment of levity



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