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TIFF 2010 Day 2

Lots of swag today. Got some diet coke (in a glass bottle!) from the diet coke girls, got some chocolate from the Lindt TV crew, got some bunny ears and a keychain from the Energizer bunny, and got some React 5 gum from the gum dude.

It's Lindt TV (???)

The Energizer Bunny

Everything Must Go
Man is locked out of his house along with all his possessions and decides to live on his front lawn. To avoid arrest, he has a yard sale so he can legally stay there for the next 5 days. Will Ferrell is actually pretty good in this dramatic role, and brings much needed humour to an otherwise depressing story. I liked the underlying themes of acceptance and healing and moving on, but the pacing was a bit slow and lacked a spark. I think the word I’m looking for is dreary. 6/10

Hey, there's Will Ferrell

Director Dan Rush and special presentations programming director Jane Schoettle

Rebecca Hall and Will Ferrell

Passion Play
Unconventional love story between a has been musician and a woman who is a bit different. Too slow, and I guessed the ending in the first 10 minutes. And Megan Fox doesn’t get naked. The cinematography was not very good, the film stock was grainy and scenes were often underexposed. Bill Murray was very gracious and stayed on until after the Q & A to take picture with his fans, when the other actors had all left before the end credits. 3/10.

Hey, there's Megan Fox

Writer/director Mitch Glazer, Megan fox, and Mickey Rourke

Bill Murray hams up his entrance

Megan Fox, Mickey Rourke, Kelly Lynch, and Bill Murray

A man who has been bullied his entire life has a revelation and decides to become a superhero. Funny, twisted, and violent, this film never ceases to entertain. James Gunn shows his Troma roots in a bigger budget fashion. Good performances all around, especially from Rainn Wilson. Highly stylized in a comic book way, but not like Scott Pilgrim, more like a 5 year old drew it. 8/10

Hey, there's Liv Tyler

Hey, there's Justin Long talking to Liv Tyler. He's not even in the film.

Midnight Madness programming director Colin Geddes and director James Gunn

Liv Tyler, Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Colin Geddes, and James Gunn



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