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TIFF 2010 Day 1

Inside Job
High budget documentary of the financial crisis of 2008, its causes, and impact. It differs from other docs on the same subject by being broader and deeper, by challenging its interviewees, and by exploring the connection to academia. Extremely good research. Their field camera was crap (used for outdoor and helicopter establishing shots), the interview camera was great, and the stock footage was what it was. 9/10

Documentary programming director Thom Powers, producer Audrey Marrs, and director Charles Feruson

Producer Audrey Marrs, director Charles Ferguson, and US managing editor of Financial Times Gillian Tett

The Legend of Beaver Dam
This ghost story, rock opera short film is both shocking and hilarious and the perfect opening to Midnight Madness. 8/10

Midnight Madness programming director Colin Geddes, Director/writer Jerome Sable, writer Eli Batalion, and actor Rick Miller (Stumpy Sam)

Fubar II
Two metalheads get a job in Fort McMurray. I have to admit that I really didn’t like the first film of this series (which was more mockumentary style), but this one had a better plot, much bigger budget, was better improvised (there was not one line of scripted dialog), and was both funnier and more asinine. Add a pinch of character depth and poignancy and you’ve got a film that is quite entertaining. The many fans who showed up in costume for the screening were even more enthusiastic than your typical Midnight Madness patron. At least I hope they were in costume. 7/10

Rock star Colin Geddes introduces the film

Director Michael Dowse, actors Terra Hazelton (Trish), Andrew Sparacino (Tron), David Lawrence (Terry), and Paul Spence (Dean)

Paul Spence taking a picture with a fan



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