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TIFF 2010 Tentative Schedule

I’ve got my midnight madness pass and two 10 packs.  Here’s my tentative schedule
! means premium screening
* means confirmed, others are under consideration

Thursday, Sept 9
*9:00pm Inside Job, Ryerson (2)
*11:59pm Fubar II, Ryerson

Friday, Sept 10
*9:00pm Passion Play, Ryerson (2)
*11:59pm Super, Ryerson

Saturday, Sept 11
rush 12:30pm Bad Faith, Varsity 7 (2)
*4:30pm Waiting for Superman, Winter Garden (4)
*11:59pm Bunraku, Ryerson

Sunday, Sept 12
*4:30pm The First Grader, Winter Garden (2)
*7:45pm Girlfriend, Scotiabank 2 (2)
*11:59pm Vanishing on 7th Street, Ryerson

Monday, Sept 13
rush 12:00pm 40, Varsity 7
*6:00pm Another Year, Elgin
*11:59pm John Carpenter’s The Ward, Ryerson

Tuesday, Sept 14
rush 12:00pm Submarine, Ryerson
*4:30pm The Housemaid, Winter Garden
rush 7:00pm Womb, Scotiabank 3
*9:30pm Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, AMC7 (3)
*11:59pm Insidious, Ryerson

Wednesday, Sept 15
*11:00am The Debt, Elgin
rush 2:30pm How to Start Your Own Country, AMC 10
*4:45pm I Saw the Devil, Isabel Bader
*11:59pm Red Nights, Ryerson

Thursday, Sept 16
*2:30pm What’s Wrong with Virginia, Elgin
*6:00pm A Horrible Way to Die, AMC 2
*9:00pm Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, Lightbox 1 (2)
*11:59pm The Butcher, the Chef, and the Swordsman, Ryerson

Friday, Sept 17
*2:30pm Blame, Varsity 8
*7:45pm Three, Varsity 8 (2)
*11:59pm Stake Land, Ryerson

Saturday, Sept 18
rush 12:00pm Conviction, Ryerson
*3:00pm Aftershock, Lightbox 1 (2)
rush 5:30pm Confessions, Scotiabank 11
*9:00pm Julia’s Eyes, Isabel Bader (2)
*11:59pm Fire of Conscience, Ryerson (2)

Sunday, Sept 19
*3:00pm Monsters, Scotiabank 3
rush 6:00pm People’s Choice, Ryerson (2)



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