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A Brand Spankin’ New Hero

In a world without flavour, when all hope is lost, there is one who would risk his very being to defeat the tyranny of blandness. Who is this ferocious masked marvel who would dare to spank bursts of deliciousness into the insipidness of our humble lives?

To help improve the V-score of this video, you can go to the Doritos site here: http://www.doritosviralocity.ca/Gallery/VideoDetails.aspx?v=347881, then

Watch it (5 points). Only unique views improve the score, but feel free you watch from as many accounts or IP addresses as you want.

Fave it (5 points). Click on the ‘fave’ button on the control bar. The site will ask you to register, but a short cut is to click on the Facebook connect button.

Rate it (1 to 5 points). Click on the star rating you want to give it on the control bar.

Share it (1 point). Share it with all your friends. Note that the share point is only awarded if you use the social network share buttons on the bottom left corner of the control bar. But feel free to share it any way you want via social network, email, etc.

Refer it (100 points). International (outside of Canada) referals get a 100 point bonus. So feel free to embed it into your blog or post it onto a public forum.



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