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TIFF 2009 Day 10

Mr Nobody
Meet Nemo Nobody, the last mortal on earth, as he recalls the quantum possibilities of his life. Very original, beautifully shot, great FX, terrific story, but very complex (so pay attention). The only other film I am remotely reminded of is Slaughterhouse Five, times three (Slaughterhouse 15?). This is an artful story of love, seen through the lens of the cold calculus of science. Not everyone will like this film due to its complexity, and not everyone will understand the film because of the science. And if the science is completely over your head, then I can only offer this explanation: God did it. If you’re willing to use both sides of your brain when you watch this, you will love it. 10/10.

Overweight 16 year old girl is pregnant with her second child by her father, and has abusive mother. Unique and tragic situation, but otherwise conventional plot. There are some powerful moments in this film, but the lead actress had a tendency to slur her words. That may be the way she talks in reality, but in film you need to enunciate so I can understand what you are saying. This film won the TIFF people’s choice award, but this is no Slumdog. 8/10.

Ong Bak 2: The Beginning
Seemingly not related to Ong Bak 1 at all (we’ll find out after Ong Bak 3), this film is much heavier in action than the first one. Good story, great fight choreography, a bit too much action and I need closure, I don’t like the story being continued in the next movie. Also, the version shown did not appear to be a final cut, since there appeared to be editing marks in the emulsion, the whole thing was slightly out of focus, and there were occasional sprocket jumps in the digital transfer. 6/10

Musings on this year’s TIFF:
– I only liked 3 out of the 8 films from the Visa screening pass. Considering these are supposed to be the best ones and are twice the price, this was completely not worth it. I won’t be doing this again next year
– I liked 9 out of 10 films from the Midnight Madness pass. I will definitely do this again next year
– It pisses me off that only corporate sponsors get to see the premieres at RTH, who go because they got a free ticket and not because they love film, and a lot of them don’t even show up. If you are lucky enough to purchase a ticket, it is way up in the upper balcony (not even the middle balcony).
– My favourite photos that I took are these two



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