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TIFF 2009 Day 9

The Dirty Saints (Los Santos sucios)
In a post apocalyptic world where few have survived, the remaining people seem to wander from one rubble pile to another. Sometimes a plane goes overhead or a car drives by really really fast. When they do converse, which isn’t often, they talk about crossing the river. I thought you crossed already, don’t cross it alone, when should we cross it, who will I cross it with, we can’t cross without the Mute because he has the door handle, yada yada. There is only one woman amongst the half dozen survivors, for the sake of argument let’s call her Smurfette. Despite being really hot, the dudes don’t really like her, don’t want anything to do with her, and don’t want to cross the river with her. So they cross the river without her and wind up in a desert where the Mute accidentally drops the door handle without realizing it and they keep on walking. That’s pretty much everything that happens in the movie so now you don’t have to see it. Also the subtitle translations were really bad, many misspellings and nonsensical sentences; worse than babelfish. The river is obviously a metaphor for something, but the director wasn’t there to explain what. I had to struggle for consciousness through this one and I now regret not taking a nap. 2/10.

The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights
Concert film of the White Stripes on their cross Canada tour that took them through every single province and territory. Lots of great intimate moments and surprise free concerts. 8/10


Director Emmett Malloy, and Jack and Meg White

Director Emmett Malloy, and Jack and Meg White

A Town Called Panic (Panique au village)
Crude stop motion animation, and humour only a french child would get. There were some amusing moments, but these were few and far between. 4/10

Writer/producer Vincent Tavier

Writer/producer Vincent Tavier



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