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TIFF 2009 Day 8

Death Wish meets Memento. Not Johnny To’s best work. I liked the character dynamics, the action scenes, and the tension building, but the story was mediocre and I didn’t like the lead actor. If you decide to make your first English language feature, then maybe you should have at least one native English actor? 5/10.

London River
Strong acting performances in this film about a woman searching for her missing daughter after the London bombings. Special Kudos to Brenda Blethyn who carried this film with her portrayal of the angst ridden and xenophobic mother. This one is Oscar bait. 8/10

Brenda Blethyn

Brenda Blethyn

Symbol (Shinboru)
A Mexican wrestler, long past his prime, is about to enter the ring. At the same time, a man in pajamas finds himself in a white room filled with cherub penises. Ummm, what? Absurdist Japanese humour coupled with a philisophical bent and an outrageous imagination, there is no way I could describe any more of this film without seeming to be a lunatic. Both profound and hilarious, I’ve never seen a movie like this and I doubt that I ever will. 9/10

Colin Geddes introducing "Symbol"

Colin Geddes introducing Symbol

The Lindt girls hamming it up



One thought on “TIFF 2009 Day 8

  1. OH WOW O_O!! Those Lindt girls are a knockout! Their names!? I must have them!

    Posted by Aron | February 5, 2011, 3:13 pm

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