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TIFF 2009 Day 7

Agoraphobic man builds an empire of happiness within his apartment, then is notified of his impending eviction. All through the film, I was puzzled by character motivation and wondered why. In the Q&A, the answer became apparent, the screenplay omitted large parts of of the original book. The entire film had a sense of incompleteness to it, from puzzling reactions from characters to small mysteries left unresolved (the locked room, the mystery landlord). The execution is fine, but my opinion is that it’s not finished. 6/10

Directors Doron and Yoav Paz

Directors Doron and Yoav Paz

Under the Mountain
Tweener fantasy with telepathic twins combating malicious aliens. No originality (can you say Witch Mountain?), no character depth, pacing problems, and it needs more than one line of dialog for the backstory. 3/10.

Director Jonathan King

Director Jonathan King

My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?
Man unravels and kills his mother. Produced by David Lynch, it has his signature quirks, but unfortunately the ending fell flat. This is no Mulholland Drive. DoP was asleep, there were many shots that were not lit properly or were underexposed. 4/10

Director Werner Herzog

Director Werner Herzog

Solomon Kane
Based on the Robert E. Howard character, this 17th century anti-hero offers plenty of swash and buckle. Beautiful cinematography, great script, tremendous depth of character, and plenty of action. The only thing this film lacked was a female lead. 9/10

Director Michael J. Basset, and James Purefoy

Director Michael J. Basset, and James Purefoy




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