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Lume shots

Took these shots out my window last night. Cranked up the exposure and ISO, to widen the depth of field I set the f-stop to the highest number I could (f22) without going over a 30 second exposure (because that is the maximum exposure time on the D400). I tried both 17-85mm f/4 (at 85 mm) and Tamron 90 f/2.8 lenses, but the 17-85mm had a wider depth of field, even when setting the same f-stop (???). Set the 10 second timer, then with 1 second to go I held up my speedlight right up to the dial and manually flashed it to charge up the lume. I used the camera’s noise reduction, but all that seemed to do is make the fine grain noise into coarse grain, which I’m not sure is better.

First up, Marina Militare. That bright light source in the lower right corner is a billboard that I thought I had removed far enough out of frame, but apparently not

Orient w/power reserve

Fossil signature day/date

Citizen Calibre 9000 perpetual calendar and repeater
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