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TIFF 2008 Day 10

Achilles and the Tortoise
Charming film of a man, from childhood through old age, seeking recognition for his art. Art was his only solace through a rocky and painful life, despite never achieving commercial success. Great characters and funny artistic endeavors. 8/10

Romeo and Juliet have an autistic love child who learns Muay Thai and Tae Kwon Doe from watching chop sockey movies on TV. She proceeds to kick ass to get enough money to pay for medicine for her sick mother. Great story, great fight scenes, but it could have had more spit and polish. 8/10

Director Prachya Pinkaew

Eden Log
A man wakes up with no memory in darkness and covered in mud. All he knows is that he has to reach a mythical paradise called the Eden Log. Even though this is considered scifi/horror, it borders on the abstract. We hear about things we never actually see, often because the film is mostly shot in darkness. There is so little colour, it may as well have been filmed in black and white. Good production design on the cheap, and interesting symbolism, but ultimately it had the look and mood of “The Descent”. 5/10

Director Franck Vestiel

To summarize, the best movie I saw was “Slumdog Millionaire”, which also won the peoples’ choice award, and the worst had to be “Katia’s Sister”. Most entertaining Q&A was from director Rod Lurie who was enthusiastic to the point of jumping up and down. Longest lines were at the Ryerson. Best digital projectors at the AMC.

And finally, here are the dead soldiers:



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