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TIFF 2008 Day 9

Adam Resurrected
Story of a charismatic holocaust survivor in a sanitarium who finds catharsis while helping a dogboy. Lots of threads that didn’t really go anywhere, like mind reading and bleeding at will, and this film relied mostly upon Jeff GoldBlum to carry it. Overall unsatisfying, and it seemed like they didn’t know how to end it. Note to the producers: don’t try to make a holocaust comedy, they’re not funny. 5/10

Fascinating tale of a man whose principles did not agree with Nazi Germany, yet inexorably becomes a high ranking SS officer. This is an examination of how good men can be pressured and cajoled to do evil things, and how almost any action can be rationalized. 8/10

Stop motion film of several people living in the same apartment complex, searching for the meaning of their existence. The stories really don’t interact with each other much, they’re all boring, and a couple of them end weirdly. Don’t bother. 3/10

The Good, The Bad, The Weird
Beautiful camera work, great production design, terrific score, wild action scenes, but barely any discernible plot. Good, but anachronistic ending. I got the feeling that lots were lost in translation, all the Koreans in the audience laughed at many parts that I did not. And lots of screaming fans at the actors whom I’ve never heard of. 6/10

Director Ji-woon Kim (we were sitting way up in the nosebleed seats)

Woo-sung Jung, Director Ji-woon Kim, Byung-hun Lee

Some sights of Toronto






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