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TIFF 2008 Day 8

Sorry, no pictures today. No directors showed up to their respective screenings, and didn’t have much time to wander around looking for a good shot.

Fifty Dead Men Walking

True story of a young IRA volunteer who is recruited as an informant by the British. Terrific acting, and it’s always fun to watch Ben Kingsley at work. I would have enjoyed it much more if I could make out what they were saying through those thick Irish accents (perhaps subtitles are in order?). 7.5/10

Synecdoche, New York

Profile of a man’s life, his hopes and regrets, told entirely indirectly through metaphor. This film tried to do too much, got lost in the message it was trying to send, and was kinda slow. I liked it better when Charlie Kaufman was more weird than he was arty. 4/10

Katia’s Sister

Story of a 14 year old girl Lucia, her absentee mother, and stripper/junkie sister. At the beginning, her identity is defined by her stripper sister Katia, and as the movie progresses we see character growth. This seems like a good premise, but the director forgot that movies are supposed to do their exposition visually and not at the fringes. Judging by watching this film, it’s actually about a 14 year old girl who does housework. 2/10

Detroit Metal City

Hilarious story of a naive boy from the country whose dream it is to become a folk singer who sings happy songs. Somehow he becomes the lead singer in a death metal band and keeps his alter ego secret. Really funny story, terrific cinematography (except all day scenes seemed to be low contrast), and lead actor Ken’ichi Matsuyama is outstanding in both his personas. Don’t miss this one, and keep an eye out for Gene Simmons as Jack Il Death. 9/10



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