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TIFF 2008 Day 7

The Hurt Locker
Adrenaline junkie bomb defusing soldier in Iraq. Light on plot, heavy on situation. Very intense combat scenes, cinematography is what you would expect (i.e. lots of handhelds and very grainy; can’t someone figure out a different way to film Iraq?). I enjoyed it, but ultimately nothing happened. Keep an eye out for cameos by Ray Fiennes, Guy Pierce, David Morse, and Evangeline Lilly. 7/10

Screenwriter Mark Boal, Director Kathryn Bigelow, and Jeremy Renner
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A boy makes up a story that his parents are terrorist to deal with unresolved feelings of the circumstances of their actual deaths. Like most Atom Egoyan films, this one was deliberately paced (i.e. slow), but the payoff is usually worth it. In this case, it wasn’t. 5/10

Director Atom Egoyan
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Cooper’s Camera
Atom Egoyan’s rambling intro to the prior film shortened the time from that film’s end from the projected 20 minutes down to 12, but I managed to make it anyways by running to the subway.

Preceded by the short film “The Catsitter“, this is just a film version of a very old joke. Still funny though.

Cooper’s Camera is “Christmas Vacation” meets “Cloverfield”. Amusing film of a dysfunctional family at Christmas, it could not have worked without the comedic talents of Jason Jones and Samantha Bee. 7.5/10

Control Alt Delete
Computer nerd loves his computer a little too much. Hilarious story and I loved the quirky characters. This is the next “Office Space” in the making. However I found the production design and cinematography to be lacking. 8/10

Tyler Labine on the far left, and Director Cameron Labine on the far right
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And some more sights of Toronto
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