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TIFF 2008 Day 5

A contagious blindness destroys civilization and strips people of their humanity and leaves them as animals. The blind are either predator or prey, and the only nobility and heroism is left with the sighted. The problem with this film is that is not the message it was trying to convey (which was, without sight you can see people for who they are without preconceptions). The cinematic technique of overexposing the film to get the viewer to sympathize with the characters was used in over abundance. Good premise, but mediocre execution. Stick with “28 Days Later” or “Day of the Triffids”. 6.5/10

Short Cuts Canada (program 2)
1) Spoiled – Single father meets a woman on the internet and invites her over.
2) Synthetiseur – Quirky, dispassionate woman is on a mission to flip her mattress and find a boyfriend.
3) Hers at Last – Slice of life where nothing happens.
4) Night Vision – Experimental.
5) Rosa Rosa – Wartime story with bad animation.
6) Gilles – Mentally challenged older man is told to go play by his mother.

You would think that with 600 submissions that they could find better shorts than these. The only interesting one was “Synthetiseur”. Don’t bother with this set. 3/10

Two high school students playing hooky find a beautiful naked body of a woman, tied up and covered in plastic, and an old abandoned sanitarium. The room has been clearly sealed for many years, yet the woman is showing signs of life. Insert depravity here. Interesting, if somewhat predictable story, good execution, and very creepy. My biggest criticism is that the directors need to learn how to use a dolly. I can understand using handheld for high tension scenes, but is was also used inappropriately. 7/10

Directors Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel, TIFF midnight madness coordinator Colin Geddes, and Noah Segan

Tears for Sale
Fairy tale in which many wars have killed off most of the men in a Serbian village, and the remaining few are killed off in various misadventures. Two women are sent on a quest to find a virile man to bring back to service the women of the village. All of them. Highly imaginative, terrific production design, and very humourous, but the ending fell a little flat for me. 7.5/10

Director Uros Stojanovic is in the hat.



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