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TIFF 2008 Day 2

A WWI story of a shell shocked Canadian soldier who tries to protect the brother of the woman he loves from the horrors of war. Interesting dramatic plotline of love and sacrifice, and a very striking conclusion, but overall has the look and feel of a CBC movie of the week. Overheard was that this story was told to writer/producer/actor Paul Gross (who did not show up) by his grandfather. 6/10

Every since being unhappily married, Guy Ritchie is back to his old form after disastrously horrible “Revolver” and “Swept Away”. Very entertaining and amusing buddy heist film, but not quite up to par as LS&2SB and Snatch. Madonna did not attend. 6.5/10

Guy Ritchie

Jean-Claude Van Damme as played by Jean-Claude Van Damme in the fictional story “JCVD”, has all sorts of problems with child custody, cash flow, drugs, etc., and somehow gets involved in a heist. If you love JCVD, or even if you hate him, this film is a hoot. Terrific acting, original plot, interesting directorial technique. You see a side of JCVD you’ve never seen before, with plenty of social commentary about the cult of celebrity. Keep an eye out for JCVD’s monologue, which was entirely ad-libbed and done in one take. 9/10

Unfortunately JCVD could not attend because he is directing a film in Thailand, but here is director Mabrouk El Mechri.

Here are a few other pictures I took whilst hopping from theatre to theatre

Klingon bird of prey

While waiting in the rush line at Roy Thompson Hall for “Burn After Reading” (we didn’t get in)

Over in this direction we heard the screams of hundreds of women as Brad Pitt arrived

It was a long day (only 8 more days to go)



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