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Tentative TIFF 2008 plan

* = confirmed

Thursday, Sept 4

*Waltz with Bashir, Ryerson 9:00 pm

Friday, Sept 5

*Passchendale, Ryerson 8:45 am
*RocknRolla, Ryerson 11:45 am
*JCVD, Scotia1 3:15 pm
[premium, rush] Burn After Reading, RTH 9:30 pm

Saturday, Sept 6

*The Sky Crawlers, Ryerson 9:00 am
*Edison & Leo, AMC3 1:15 pm
*Vinyan, Scotia2 3:15 pm
*Flame and Citron, Scotia2 6:00 pm

Sunday, Sept 7

*$5 a Day, AMC7 9:30 am
*Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms, Scotia4 12:00 pm
[rush] Afterwards, Scotia2 3:15 pm
*Slumdog Millionaire, Ryerson 6:00 pm

Monday, Sept 8

[premium] *Blindness, Elgin 11:00 am
*Short Cuts 2, AMC3 3:15 pm
*Deadgirl, AMC2 5:00 pm
*Tears for Sale, Scotia1 9:45 pm

Tuesday, Sept 9

*Flash of Genius, Ryerson 9:00 am
*The Wrestler, Ryerson 12:00 pm
*Nothing but the Truth, Isabel Bader 4:45 pm

Wednesday, Sept 10

*The Hurt Locker, Ryerson 9:00 am
*Adoration, Scotia1 12:45 pm
[run] *The Catsitter and Cooper’s Camera, AMC2 2:45 pm
*Control Alt Delete, AMC6 8:15 pm

Thursday, Sept 11

*Fifty Dead Men Walking, Ryerson 9:00 am
*Synecdoche New York, Scotia1 12:15 pm
*Katia’s Sister, Isabel Bader 4:45 pm
*Detroit Metal City, Varsity4 8:00 pm

Friday, Sept 12

*Adam Resurrected, Scotia2 9:45 am
*Good, Scotia1 2:45 pm
*$9.99, Varsity4 5:15 pm
[premium] *The Good, the Bad, the Weird, RTH 9:30 pm

Saturday, Sept 13

*Achilles and the Tortoise, Isabel Bader 9:00 am
[rush] Chocolate, Cumberland2 12:45 pm
*Eden Log, Varsity3 3:45 pm



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